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Aseismatic sex becomes architectural of aseismatic technology measure to sell a
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Plain of short of Wenshui River is especially big what the earthquake brings to us is endless pain not only, more it is pain thinks over deeply afterwards. The earthquake brings Chinese bldg. intense shock likewise, business of a few development is in right now in succession with architectural aseismatic sex serves as sell a site newly, shined " 7 class are aseismatic safeguard is safe " , " frame - aseismatic structure designs scissors wall " etc sell a site.

So what kind ofly to build ability to have better aseismatic performance after all? In the product report that resides a research center easily, special made aseismatic special subject, among them technology of principle of optional location, type selecting, typical to the field of product of contemporary and aseismatic building structure, measure had relatively professional and detailed introduction, be aimed at the solution that aseismatic to will be being built henceforth plan offerred Chinese national condition to have stronger feasibility mainly, it is pair of development business not just, likewise right of broad consumer buy the reference with be had certain to draw lessons from a meaning.

The modelling of the building chooses -- aseismatic building is in type selecting principle the following should accomplish as far as possible on modelling choice: Building plane and do one's best of modelling establishing a range are simple. Building whole shows semmetry in the link such as weight, stiffness and distributing equably. Avoid a building to be in the abrupt change that establishs face, plane to go up and irregular appearance.

Aseismatic and basic principle -- design, select material and construction after slope god earthquake, the seismic fortify that Japanese building uses 7 degrees of above generally (be able to bear or endure shake grade 1) , wait for population to hospital, school especially concentrated model place, improve grade of a fortify again (be able to bear or endure shake grade 2) -- can resist 1.25 times Yu Ban god of the earthquake destroy intensity. Japanese building has security of 100 years and wear, be attributed to its to build the science in the project and strict design, select material and construction greatly.

Aseismatic and basic measure -- add bedding face of diagonal brace system to accumulate a window to establish a range, the be no longer in force that wall body manages as a result of bridge column node, cause wall system 45 degrees of shear failure are another kind of common structure in this Ci Wenchuan earthquake destroys a form. Diagonal brace system is added in place opening a window, also can improve architectural whole stability and aseismatic ability greatly likewise.

Aseismatic technology measure -- rubber mat lies between shake 2005, guangzhou university city building became the aseismatic building with the oldest area of our country monomer -- building of A of building of Guangzhou university administration. This building in all 7, the area is 30 thousand square metre, those who apply is international is advanced " balata fills up aseismatic technology " , used 249 rubber mat in all. Mat of this kind of rubber and before aseismatic kind is different, when encountering an earthquake, below the building much a soft layer, can make whole building resembles drifting on surface, can produce translation only and won't collapse, aseismatic ability compares general building tower above 4 ― 8 times, and every square metre raises cost only 80 yuan.
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