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Division of the trade before the station
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Layer of majority of remarks first floor is 5.6 meters tall, can add build attic, with a hire, enjoy 2 spaces.
Area of theme of 6 old open formula, industry condition is all ready, business hours is long.
6 lie fallow inside street, be as long as 1600 meters, 102 walk gallery, add up to Zong Lianheng.
7 recreational atrium, 7 culture square, 58 watch scene platform.
7 parking lots, 1100 cars.
It is collect business affairs, commerce shops, the much building of meal, sightseeing, recreational, travel, recreation at an organic whole group area. In restaurant of 102 inn, international, long celebrate edifice, gold and big public house, commercial bank, agriculture not to have the building such as chamber of commerce of center of stannic head office, auspicious, Sikkim to all surround the left and right sides. Shopping mall 5 buildings already were to grow trigonometry by establish of two ground government first CEPA (0 custom duty) center of service line of business, already began to accept service industry of Hong Kong all circles to garrison office.

Country fair of the trade before the station, just as its name implies is located in the railway station that do not have stannum on. Traffic is convenient. There is place of 2 buses gather by the railway station. To without stannum the most public transportation circuitry of each corners already here sail to rise dot.

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